Professor Tom Burns: Organisation and Social Order

Organisation and Social Order

Table of Contents


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pdf Preliminaries

i Organisation
ii Power
ii Social Organisation
iv Social Order

Part I Social Order and Power in the Ancient World

pdf Intro
pdfCh.1 Athens: The Invention of Democracy
pdfCh.2 Rome: Power, Authority and Sovereignty
pdfCh.3 Army and Empire
pdfCh.4 The Economic Organisation of Athens and Rome

Part II The Medieval Millenium

pdf Intro

pdf Ch.5 Communality

pdf Ch.6 Social Organisation and Economic Life: Independence and Servitude, Participation and Communality

pdf Ch.7 The Urban Renaissance

pdf Ch.8 The Roman Church: Authority and the Pursuit of Power

pdf Ch.9 Kingship: Structures of Power and the Pursuit of Authority

Part III Modernity – The Serial Revolution

pdf Intro

pdf Ch.10 Sovereignty and Interests

pdf Ch.11 Capitalism and Monarchy

pdf Ch.12 The Organisation of Government under Early Monarchism

pdf Ch.13 From Communality to Public Order

PDF Ch.14 From Political Nation to Governing Class

pdf  Contingency, Chance, Opportunism and Historical Change

Part IV Late Monarchism

pdf Intro

pdf Ch.15 Society and State under Late Monarchism

pdf Ch.16 European States Under Late Monarchism

pdf Ch.17 The Organisation Of Early Industry

pdf Ch.18 Complicitous Societies

pdf Ch.19 The Decline And Fall Of Monarchism In France

Part V The Great Transformation

pdf Intro

pdf Ch.20 The Industrial Revolution

pdf Ch.21 The French Revolution: The Nation and The People

pdf Ch.22 “In Every Sense a Tragedy”

pdf Ch.23 Enlightenment’s Harvest

pdf Ch.24 From Imagined Community to Bureaucratic Nation-State

Part VI New Horizons, New Movements

pdf Intro

pdf Ch.25 From Reaction to Revolution

pdf Ch.26 (fragment)

pdf Ch.27 Invention of Invention

pdf Ch.28 Bureaucratisation

Miscellaneous sections


Part VII (not present)


Ch.30 Remodelling the State